This is the Definition of Poetic Justice

Posted: September 5 @ 11:30am by Cracker in Bolivian
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[Guardian UK] Oscar Pistorius angry at shock Paralympics 200m loss

“Don’t focus on the disability,” Oscar Pistorius told the world before these Games. “Focus on the ability.” How right he was. There was no room for sentimental thoughts or emotional notions after the T44 200m final.

It was not a procession or a coronation, but a race, raw and fast. And Pistorius came second. He was beaten to the line by Brazil’s Alan Fonteles Cardoso Oliveira, who won in 21.45sec. Pistorius was .07sec behind him. He reacted furiously, telling the TV cameras in his post-race interview that “we aren’t racing a fair race”. Pistorius was convinced that the running blades Oliveira was using were too long, and called for the International Paralympic Committee to investigate. This from a man who has had to fight long and hard to overturn doubts about whether or not he himself has an unfair advantage when he is competing against non-disabled runners. It was a sour reaction, cutting through the saccharine notes of so much of the Paralympic coverage. But Pistorius has always insisted that he wants to be known as an athlete, rejecting the labels other people have put upon him, whether they were that he was disabled, differently abled, a cheat, an inspiration, or a role model.

And this was an athlete’s response to defeat, if a particularly ungracious one…The blades he uses now are the same ones he was on then and it is ironic that he responded to defeat by attacking his rival, just as others once attacked him.

Well well, what do we have here? Y’all remember the cheater from South Africa…The “Blade Runner”? Well here he is racing in the Special Olympics (where he fucking belongs) and now he’s complaining that the other runners have an unfair advantage because they have longer blades. That’s like Sammy Sosa complaining that Mark McGwire did more steroids than he did. Oh boo hoo, you fuckin baby. You’re a loser. You lost at the regular Olympics and you lost at the Paralympics…To be fair, I only pick on the guy because he said that his success “is about the body above the knee, rather than the technology below it.”  Hey Oscar, do you know what a hypocrite is?

I really hope that Oscar Pistorius doesn’t read my blogs about him and get mad at me. That would leave me shakin’ in my boots…which I own a pair of, because I have feet.

Plus this:

PS- Cracker wasn’t going to submit a post here again now that 610 went all Hollywood Hulk Hogan on the IntoBolivian fans and jumped ship but, this story was too good not to post as a followup to the original South Africa Cheater blog…and I’m far too lazy to create my own site. 

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