If A Cop Asks You To “Show Me How He Choked You”, Don’t Do It

Posted: August 1 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daytona Beach]  A Port Orange police officer asked a woman to show him how her husband tried to strangle her and when the woman put two fingers on the policeman’s neck, she got arrested. Officer Michael Garay, responding to a domestic disturbance, charged Claudia Ambroziak, 58, with battery on a law enforcement officer, although he asked the woman for the demonstration. “I asked Claudia to show me how Joe (Ambroziak) choked her,” Garay wrote in his report. “Claudia was able to place approximately two fingers and her thumb around the front of my neck…was able to apply pressure to the front of my neck.” Garay said he then grabbed Claudia’s hand “before she was able to apply any more pressure to my neck,” and charged her with battery on a law enforcement officer. The incident happened when Garay responded to a domestic disturbance call at 10:57 a.m. Wednesday at a Hoyt Drive home in Port Orange. Joe told Garay his wife of 33 years kicked him in the back while they were arguing and tried to attack him. Joe told the officer he protected himself by placing his right hand around Claudia’s neck. And when interviewing Claudia, Garay asked her to show him how her husband choked her. The woman jumped off the couch and said “I’ll show how you how he did,” and reached out to place her fingers on the officer’s neck. She got arrested for touching the officer. Claudia was also charged with domestic battery.

Well what the fuck else was she supposed to do, officer? Choke her husband? Herself? Ignore an officer of the law altogether? Dude, you asked her to show you how she was choked. Maybe you should work on being a little clearer with your instructions if you don’t want your trachea touched. Better yet, start carrying a stuffed animal in your belt. Police-commissioned teddy bears for all cops. Why do you think all those sex abuse counselors break out a doll before asking a victim to “show me how he touched you”? Because they don’t want an index finger 2 knuckles deep in their starfish, that’s why. A tangible option is presented to ensure there’s no misunderstanding. All I’m saying is, you’re probably in the majority, Officer Garay. Just like fingers up their ass, most people don’t want hands around their throat. So if you’re gonna ask for a strangulation dramatization, it’d be a smart idea to have another neck in the room. Teddy Ruxpin is your friend. He’ll take one for the team.

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