R.I.P. George Jefferson

Posted: July 24 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

I was simply gonna post a video of what’s probably the catchiest theme song of all time (find me one person who doesn’t know The Jeffersons theme song – you can’t), but then I found this clip of George just doing his thing & telling it like it is.  Calling out his white buddy for denying ever even thinking the word “nigger” about his black wife.  I assume in the 70’s saying “nigger” and “honkey” on TV had to have been a huge deal, no?  Was Sherman Hemsley the only dude dropping n-bombs on prime-time network television, or am I giving this nigga too much credit?  Either way, rest in peace and all but I’m not gonna crowbar a “movin’ on up” joke as you make your way up to that deluxe apartment in the sk…FUCK!

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