Father Of The Year Puts His Foot Down Against His Son’s Skinny Jeans

Posted: July 11 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Fuckin’ nailed it.  Skinny jeans are ridiculous.  That little baby strolling around couldn’t even fit in those things, let alone this kid’s sister.  So I got no problem with pops proclaiming on World Star his 16 year-old son’s nuts hurt because he’s wearing midget pants.  Of course they hurt.  It’s like wearing pants made from some sort of spandex & concrete combination making you walk like Frankenstein.  How do you even put them on?  Are they regular jeans that come with some vacuum-sealing apparatus to suck every last molecule of space out?  And at 16, you’re running out of time to save your kid from himself. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and in a few years he’s gonna thank his father for this.  These being ‘fashionable’ is insane…but I guess it’s just the cycle of cool.  Nothing ever stays the same.  I swear on anything & everything there will be a time when yoga pants make the transition to dudes and, if I’m still alive to see it, I won’t be alive for long.

  1. Cracker says:

    This dad was 100% in the military at some point. Dude’s got a talent for barking orders and taking verbal jabs at the same time…Old, no nonsense black dudes getting upset and critiquing modern trends will always be funny.

    And that kid’s pants are ridiculous but, C’mon 610, you’re old…you gotta remember back in the 80’s the jeans were just as skinny if not more, bitches using pliers to put them on. Then they evened out around early 90’s, and for some reason our generation decided we were gonna wear baggy clothes…and then we started doing drugs, and our pants became clownishly huge (you remember Jnco and Kickwear and shit like that) pants so huge that you couldn’t see your shoes on the ground, like we were wearing dresses and shit. Then we stopped doing hard drugs and had to get real jobs, so we did what every generation before us did, we went and bought ourselves some big-boy pants and became pathetic, conformist adults; who wear pants that fit properly, are comfortable and look respectable. Now we sit in our ivory towers as adults and look down on this skinny jean generation with disgust, for we are the generation of huge jeans.

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