The Great San Diego Bay Firework Fail of 2012

Posted: July 5 @ 9:00am by scrody in Bolivian
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I’m not sure why everyone is labeling this as a fuck up. Sure, if I camped out all day to see a half an hour worth of fireworks and it ended up being over in 15 seconds, I may be a little let down. But to me, that was 10 seconds of pure awesome. Makes me want to stand up and yell,  ‘Merica! Fuck Yeah! Here’s another video from a little closer:

I think Nashville might take the cake though. Intense show (skip to 3:10 for lots of kabooms) and great commentary. “God Damn, Boy” – Redneck.

  1. Cracker says:

    That’s how we do shit in America’s Finest City! Funny this is all over the place today…Saw this shit live and it was fucking awesome. The videos don’t do it justice. It was so loud that the ground shook and way more colorful than the videos capture. And that wasn’t all the fireworks for the night. OB and Sea World both put on full shows. I kinda wish the pyrotechnic company just had the balls to be like “You didn’t like our show? Fuck you, we go big! Gonna do it the same way next year.”

    Only thing is, if I hear one more person make the sex reference joke or, mention that they must’ve bought those fireworks in Tijuana, I will punch them in the face. The first person who made the joke was being witty, the rest of you are annoying as shit.

  2. scrody says:

    Oh, well if there were other shows than yeah, that was totally worth it. They should do it every year. People would come from all over to see it. I’d go out of my way to see that. It’s kind of like rolling up an entire fruit rollup and stuffing it in your pie hole instead of eating it strip by strip. It’s over quicker, but it’s a burst of flavor.

    Not gonna lie, I started typing out a “that must be how my wife feels” joke. Glad I deleted it.

  3. giuseppe says:

    “Excellence is never an accident.” – H. Jackson Brown

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