I’m Surprised People Who Bum Cigarettes Aren’t Murdered More Often

Posted: June 29 @ 4:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WPBF]  A South Florida man was shot to death when a fight broke out after he tried to bum a cigarette from another man, authorities said. The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Glenn Thervil, 30, asked to bum a cigarette from Roderick Ferguson, 25, while the two were hanging out at a Deerfield Beach park on Wednesday. Authorities said that when Ferguson refused, Thervil pulled a 32-caliber handgun. Others in the group urged Thervil to leave the park, but returned later. Deputies said a fight broke out. Ferguson shot Thervil, then fled with the other men. Authorities tracked Ferguson to a nearby home, where he surrendered to a SWAT team. Ferguson faces a charge of first-degree murder.

Not surprising in the least.  There’s no more self-entitled group of people on Earth than those who regularly bum cigarettes.  I know because I used to be in the clique.  The “I only smoke when I drink” guy who somehow uses that habitual pattern to legitimize not needing to ever buy my own Marlboro Lights.  Instead, I just lurked and waited for a buddy to pull out a cig for himself before expecting one for me.  We don’t even ask politely or anything.  The nicest us scrubs are about it is mumbling “let me get one” when our grubby fingers are already fumbling through their pack before they can close it.  Sure, every once in a blue moon I’d spring for a pack as a thank you gesture but I don’t think that necessarily makes up for basically treating my smoking friends like free cigarette vending machines.  And god forbid they say no if they got more than 1 left.  “You fucking kidding me, bro?  So sorry, didn’t know I was asking you for your first-born and not a 25-cent smoke.”  I mean this Glenn Thervil dude pulled out a gun for it.  So cheers to all my pals who fueled me with nicotine back in the day without a problem, but in hindsight I bet it was annoying as fuck.  Thanks for not shooting me in the face.

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