Mom Sues Hospital For Negligence After Nurse Cuts Off 3-Month Old’s Pinky

Posted: March 28 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Fox News]  A Florida mom is suing a hospital after a nurse reportedly cut off part of her infant daughter’s finger while removing an IV, myFOXtampabay reports. Veronica Olguin is suing the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center after the incident in October. Olguin’s 3-month-old daughter Selena had been in the hospital for three days recovering from a high fever. When a nurse went to remove the tape that attached the baby’s IV with scissors, she severed part of the child’s finger. “There was blood everywhere. It was all over her shirt, it was on my shirt. It was on my face. I held her face close to my chest. She was red, she was screaming,” Olguin said. Olguin’s attorney Lou Pendas says both the nurse and the hospital were negligent. “The nurse threw the scissors used to sever the pinky in a panic. She rushed out of the room, screaming, and that’s when the doctors rushed back into the room,” Pendas said. About half of Selena’s finger was found on the floor, but the veins were too small to reattach it. Pendas claims that while attorneys for the hospital were responsive to him at first, they stopped responding, forcing him to file the lawsuit. The hospital released a statement through their attorneys, saying, “We deeply regret the harm to the child and want to reiterate our compassion and concern for her and her family. We reached out right away to the child’s family and their attorney, but have not been able to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. We want to reiterate our compassion and concern for the child and her family.” Richards Ford with Wicker Smith out of Orlando, which represents the hospital, told myFOXtampabay the nurse is back at the hospital, but he couldn’t say whether she was working with patients or not. Olguin says she still has nightmares about the incident, and she believes Selena does too. “I saw everything. And it’s really hard what I went through. And I can’t imagine what she went through,” she said. Olguin claims Selena wakes up crying often in the night, and she worries for her child’s future in sports and school without a finger. “It’s really hard that she, she was born so perfect.,” she said.

Pop quiz, hot shot.  Would you trade a piece of your 3 month-old daughter’s pinky for a slam dunk lawsuit that’ll have you rolling in endless pesos?  If you answered “no”, you’re a liar.  Dinero trumps a pinky any way you slice it.  And we’re not even talking about the whole thing here.  I’m assuming from the top knuckle & up.  Big deal.  I get that senorita Olguin is a bit traumatized by the incident.  Between the pain her new daughter went through & getting the equivalent of a bloody money shot, they’re both entitled to whatever dollar amount coming their way.  But you know Veronica’s salsa-ing on the inside, because it’s basically free money.  I’m 33 years old and the only thing I can honestly say I use my pinky for is to pick my nose or make a bet official.  I give my pinky 0 credit for anything I accomplished in sports and school.  Selena will be fine.  She’s probably already over the drama.  Won’t remember a thing. Plus, the new bankroll will go a long way toward reeling in a new father figure to replace the one that’s coincidentally nowhere to be heard from in this story.  This isn’t the silver lining, it’s an outright blessing.  Just make sure to slip the nurse an envelope at some point.

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