Check Out The Dude Who Crashed The Lamborghini He Won A Couple Hours Before

Posted: December 21 @ 1:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[AutoBlog]  The Thrill Of Victory. The Agony of Defeat. Rarely does one person get to experience such highs and lows within mere hours of each other, but when it happens, the comedown is often all the more painful. Just ask Santaquin, Utah resident David Dopp. The Frito-Lay truck driver won a green Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster, grand prize in the “Joe Schmo To Lambo” contest operated by Maverik gas stations and last month. Dopp, father of six, was finally presented the car on Saturday afternoon, after which he set about driving it around the neighborhood, giving rides to friends. His elation wouldn’t last. Less than six hours after taking delivery of the Lamborghini, Dopp lost control of the 640-horsepower Italian, hopped a curb and spun it into an embankment 75 feet from the road. A witness, Miles Davis (yes, really), said that skid marks were evident on the road and that the car ended up facing the wrong direction. Neither Dopp nor his friend in the passenger seat were injured. Police say the accident was likely “speed-related,” although Dopp reportedly says he was only doing 40-50 mph when he lost control of the car on a section of road with a 35-mph speed limit. Dopp maintains he might have hit some black ice or gravel. While the extent of the damage to the Lamborghini is not immediately clear, local publication InSantaquin News notes that Dopp has full insurance.

In other news, the sun is hot.  Water is wet.  Women & monkeys are interchangeable.  No shit some Joe Schmo truck driver who won a Lambo crashed that shit.  I’m surprised it took him hours and downright flabbergasted David Dopp is still alive.  What a pussy.  I’d be hanging out with Bin Laden & Kim Jong Il so soon after winning a free Roadster you might as well just strap a car bomb underneath it triggered upon ignition.  You did a 180 going 40 MPH?  Jack-knifing in your Fritos truck would be more of a rush. Drive that motherfucker like a Lamborghini should be driven, right Ryan Dunn?

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