Teacher Sprays Kids In The Grill With Lysol Because They Wouldn’t Put Their Safety Goggles On

Posted: December 15 @ 9:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[TribLocal]  A Rolling Meadows High School teacher resigned last week after spraying a student in the face with Lysol. The 47-year-old science and math teacher resigned last Thursday, after admitting that she sprayed two students with Lysol when they refused to keep their safety goggles during a science lab, according to police reports. One student was transported to Northwest Community Hospital after the incident. According to a police report, which provided a narrative of what allegedly happened, during a science lab Nov. 30, the teacher walked around the classroom and told students at least twice to put on their safety goggles. According to witnesses, she said if they did not put their safety goggles on, she would spray them with a 32-oz. bottle of Lysol she was carrying. When some of the students still did not have their goggles on, she sprayed one student, who turned away and was sprayed in the back of the head. She then sprayed another student, who was holding his goggles, and the Lysol got into his eyes, causing him to scream and drop a beaker he was holding. When his eyes were still burning, he was sent to the nurse’s office. The nurse requested paramedics take the student to Northwest Community Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Straight up, old fashioned battle of wills here.  In one corner you have the under-appreciated, underpaid & un-respected teacher.  A seasoned veteran of the classroom who’s undoubtedly been witness to the steady decline in children’s respect for authority.  On the other hand, you have today’s child.  Coddled & pampered, therefore fearless of consequence due to the “yeah, whatever…you won’t do it” attitude brought upon by shitty parenting & “do it one more time and I’ll put you in timeout…I mean it”.  I understand both sides and know this situation had no other possible outcome…

“Listen, teach, I understand you’re pissed off that you have 5 different groups of kids come into your class every day to not give a flying fuck about science & mock your instructions, but I’m trying to catch a handy from Sally at the lab table next to me and the goggles just ain’t a good look.  Besides, how many times are you gonna threaten us with Lysol in the eyeballs?  We all know you can’t do that so acting like you will just makes you look like a joke.”

“You pimply-faced, little-dicked motherfucker.  I’m sick and tired of you, your classmates, the entire student body and the decade that was here before you.  You don’t love the periodic table of elements? Fine, you’re loss.  Flerovium doesn’t give a shit about any of you.  But you’ve publicly painted me into a corner I’m all-too familiar with and it’s inevitable I’m gonna snap.  Well, today’s the day, piss flaps.  Just be happy I don’t shove the empty can up your tight little self-entitled asshole when I’m done soaking your cornea.”

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