Kids Fined For Using 26,000 Gallons Of Water From A Fire Hydrant To Build Hockey Rink In Their Backyard

Posted: December 14 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Chicago Tribune]  Two friends were cited by Tinley Park police this week after using water from a fire hydrant to make an ice rink in a nearby backyard. Police were called to Tinley Park High School about 7 p.m. Sunday when a school custodian noticed a fire hose hooked to a running fire hydrant on the school’s property. They followed the hose through a fence and a wooded area to find a partially frozen ice rink measuring 91 by 43 feet, police said. Tony Nelin and Timmy Ryan, both 20 and from Tinley Park, met police at their homemade rink and were issued citations for tampering with a fire hydrant. They are scheduled to appear in court Jan. 26 when they’ll likely be fined and ordered to pay for the water they used, an estimated 26,000 gallons, according to Tinley Park police. Based on regular water rates, the water is expected to cost about $127.44, said Tinley Park interim police Chief Phil Valois. Nelin said he borrowed about 250 feet of fire hose from a firefighter relative to fill up the lumber-framed rink where he and four friends plan to play hockey this winter. The men, ages 19 to 21, live in Tinley Park and Orland Park. A parent of one of the five gave them the OK to build the $350 rink in the backyard. She declined to comment. The men started filling the rink with a garden hose last week, Nelin said, but they switched to the hydrant for about three or four hours Sunday to avoid running up the water bill. He said they were also afraid the hose might freeze and cause damage to the home if they left it running through the night. Nelin and his friends play hockey at a rink maintained by the Park District each year, but he said after a few weeks it normally is too worn down to use. This year, they researched how to build a rink themselves, complete with a penalty box. Because the rink doesn’t require a building permit and was constructed on private property, a Tinley Park village official said they are free to keep it. “It will be worth it,” Nelin said, adding that he and his four friends plan to split the fine and water fee. He just hopes the rink stays intact until colder temperatures return to keep it frozen.

Wait what?  I can build a fucking ice hockey rink in my backyard for $350 of lumber and $125 of water from my town?  Hey Santa, get on that shit, fatso!  I got a hydrant right across the street.  I have a few hockey buddies with ties to firehouses.  So all I want for Christmas is a rink right outside my door. Someone get Tony & Timmy on the line ASAP because I need these blueprints.  Seriously, how much can the fine possibly be?  Tony’s 1000% right – of course it will be worth it.  Sure beats the piss out of playing for an hour a week in a men’s league and costs just about the same. Plus we can play with no helmets & slash each other in the face.  Teeth everywhere.  And there’s profits to be made on open skates or hot figure skater slut practices.  I’m not kidding in the least when I say kudos to these dudes for being proactive go-getters and showing the rest of us lazy bastards how easy it is to get whatever you want with just a bit of brainstorming, effort & old-fashioned thievery.  Worth it fo’ sho’.

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