Lady Whose Face Was Devoured By A Chimp Looks Beautiful

Posted: November 22 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[MSNBC]  Meredith Vieira couldn’t stop staring at Charla Nash’s face. That’s nothing new for Nash – nearly three years after a horrific chimp attack literally tore her face off, she’s gotten used to people staring. What was new was the reason for the attention. “Wow. You really look fantastic,” Vieira told Nash. “I’m just—I— I apologize. I’m looking at your face and I am in awe.” After a full face transplant, Nash has begun venturing out into public again, no longer worried her severely disfigured face would frighten people. On Monday, she revealed that new face in an exclusive interview on TODAY. As the donor face has begun molding to Nash’s underlying bone structure, Nash has begun returning to more of her normal life. She particularly remembered one day she went to the store with her brother. While shopping they ran into a little girl, who said hello to Nash. “That didn’t happen before,”  Nash told Vieira. “It was nice. The little girl was saying hi to me.  I looked like I’ve got eyes and everything. …I’m not scaring anybody.” Because she was permanently blinded in the attack, Nash cannot see her own face. She can’t even feel it because the attack also took her hands. So she has to depend on the feedback of others. “I’ve had people tell me I’m beautiful,” Nash told Vieira. “And they were not telling me I was beautiful before.”

Charla I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but you’re taking this whole “you’re beautiful” thing outta context.  No one told you that before because you were on a playing field with billions of other normal broads you couldn’t hold a candle to.  But now?  Well, now you might as well be Kim Kardashian as far as “women who’ve had their face gnawed off by a chimp” are concerned.  So yeah, you’re beautiful just like the smoothest, roundest piece of shit at a turd pageant.  Hey fuck you all, you think it’s better to lie to her like that little girl and patronize her melted mug because she can’t see it for herself? Seriously, these transplant docs are lucky as fuck she’s blind because if she saw their work, she’d have a lucrative lawsuit pay day coming.  In this day in age, THAT is the best face surgeons can provide?  I can’t believe that’s true.  This has all the makings of an HMO or “well, Dr. Amazaharidad’s gotta learn how to make a face at some point…no better time than now”.  If that’s the case, then that’s a BEAUTIFUL grill, Dr. Amahalabazidad…for a first-time mug-maker.


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