Meet Heidi, Special Ed. Teacher & Operator of, . .

Posted: November 18 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[RecordNet]  A Lincoln Unified School District teacher has been placed on paid leave amid allegations she was operating pornographic websites on a school computer with a Stockton police officer as her partner. District officials confiscated the school-issued Apple laptop of Heidi Kaeslin, a special-education teacher at Lincoln High, about one month ago. Kaeslin, 35, has been replaced by a long-term substitute teacher. Lincoln Unified has hired a computer expert to perform a forensic study of the laptop. A written report is expected this week, said attorney Chet Quaide, who is representing Lincoln Unified. Based on the report, Uslan will recommend to the Lincoln Unified board whether action – including possibly firing Kaeslin – is warranted. Action could come as soon as December’s board meeting. The investigation centers around allegations Kaeslin and Richard Fields, 51, an officer assigned by the Stockton Police Department to Lincoln High, were using the computer to support several for-profit websites, most of them adult. Fields retired from the police force in May. The sites include,, and

Heidi, why the fuck are you taking all your sites down?!!?  This is the pub you needed for your porn career to skyrocket!  Now’s the time to capitalize.  I mean why start operating in the first place if you’re just gonna fold in the face of free nationwide advertising?  The idea is genius, really. You saw a market every day walking through the halls or conducting a classroom lesson when all the high school boys kept hawking your honkers.  So you decided to give the fuckin’ people what they want…kinda.  In all honesty, this slut should be commended for not riding pupil pole like every other female teacher under 40.  It’s kinda like the dude who beat off behind the podium without touching any kids.  Could’ve been a lot worse, right?  Instead, she sold the fantasy.  There’s something a little better about titties a with ‘teacher’ prefix…just as teacher is better prefaced by ‘slutty’.  You can’t go to jail for this, right?  So who cares if you get canned?  Fuck the speds.  Ride your milk sacks & cop buddy all the way to the bank and don’t think twice about it.  The cat’s puppies are outta the bag sweater.

P.S. – If my employer ever has to get forensics on my work laptop, getting fired will be the least of my problems.


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. MMMMcEver says:

    I think it’s stupid the charges are even brought up. What’s wrong with her having a site in her down time? What about the teachers who look at porn? Aren’t they “just as guilty” as people are saying Heidi is? People are saying she should be fired, NO. There is no reason for her to be fired. She shouldn’t be suspended. As long as no students pictured why is it the parents issue? Just saying. It really isn’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not only was she recruiting kids in high school but she already had many photos of high school students modeling her items. Her getting fired probably averted someone’s child being involved in something heinous. No police were involved and no searches were made of computers outside of the school computer and who knows what would have been found on those computers.

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