Kevin Durant Playing Flag Football With Some Frat Bros

Posted: November 1 @ 12:30pm by scrody in Bolivian
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It’s cool that Kevin Durant showed up to this frat bro’s game. Looks like everyone had a great time and at least the pros are keeping fans interested even if no actual NBA games are happening. But I’m not gonna lie. I’m not impressed with Durant’s skills here. Not a lot of speed and kind of has a noodle arm. After the game, there was a little trash tweeting going on between him and LeBron about who could field the best flag football team. I hate to say it, but I think my money’s on team LeBron. At least if he brings home a flag football championship trophy, it’ll be a nice consolation prize for the NBA ring he’s never going to get.

I’ve also decided that it’s my new mission to get Carmelo Anthony to play a game with my kickball team. I’m sure he’s a huge fan of the site, so Melo, Thursday at 6:30 or Friday at 7:15. Lower East Side. Let me know which night works best for you and I’ll work on getting you a shirt.

– Thanks John

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