First-Grade Teacher In Trouble For Choking A Student. . .Oh Wait I Mean 9 Students

Posted: October 18 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[NBC]  A teacher accused of assaulting nine of her first-grade students was reported for assault a year ago, according to a mother in Montgomery County, Md. Christine Harris said her daughter was pinched and hit by 35-year-old Susan Burke when the 35-year-old first-grade teacher was the girl’s kindergarten teacher at Greencastle Elementary School in Silver Spring last year. Harris said she reported it, but nothing happened. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the alleged victims in the latest investigation thought there may have been a misunderstanding when her son said his first-grade teacher grabbed him around the neck and choked him while he was standing in line with classmates in December. Sharon Durham said she confronted the teacher, Susan Burke, about the incident, but Burke did not seem to know what she was talking about. Durham didn’t get a chance to talk to the principal about her concerns before Christmas break. On Jan. 4, Burke was removed from the classroom after other students made similar accusations. Burke seemed a little frazzled at times, but never aggressive, Durham said. Her 7-year-old son told her that Burke had choked him on two occasions and that he had seen her push other students, sometimes to the ground, she said. Police began investigating on Jan. 7, when officers were called to a police substation for a child abuse report involving a boy who said his teacher had assaulted him numerous times. Detectives interviewed all 16 students in Burke’s current class and determined there were nine victims, police said. Nine of the 6- and 7-year-old students reported that Burke choked them, and some said she also kicked, punched or scratched or tightly squeezed their arms.

How stupid are little kids?  Just getting pinched, punched and guillotined all over Greencastle Elementary for half the school year before opening their sticky yaps.  Well except for Sharon Durham’s kid who tried to tell mom that, instead of reading Clifford, he was getting grounded and pounded like he was part of Team Mayhem on The Ultimate Fighter.  Unfortunately for everyone, Ms. Burke was able to throw everyone off her trail for a little while longer with the good old “I have no idea what you’re talking about” defense. Teachers are pretty smart, indeed.  Or, Sharon simply doesn’t give a crap about her messy, annoying son.  I mean he’s coming home in tears, limping with a bloody nose and mom can’t get around to talking to the principal about it before Christmas break.  But now that it’s in the news, she’s one of 9 concerned parents on a crusade to save their children?  Please.  Fact of the matter is, it’s time for you all to be responsible mothers and beat ’em yourself instead of burdening others with your shitty kids’ whippings.  The free ride is over.  Tough love starts at home, not in the classroom.

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