Parents Whining About Teacher Cracking Jokes About Their SPED Kids On Facebook

Posted: October 17 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[Daily Mail]  A special education teacher is under fire after he posted photos of himself on Facebook wearing one of his student’s helmets. Jeremy Hollinger, a teacher in Mobile, Alabama, mocked children in his second-grade class, making jokes about them going to the bathroom on themselves and eating crayons. ‘I guess crayons are on the menu’ and ‘Why is there s**t on the floor?’ the Eichold-Mertz Elementary School teacher wrote on his profile, which was open to be viewed by anyone. Parent Celeste Dennis found pictures of the teacher wearing the helmet her son has to use during physical education. ‘It hurt, it genuinely hurt me,’ said Ms Dennis who has transferred her son to a different school. ‘My son wears a helmet for seizures during PE. He had a picture of himself with my son’s helmet on making fun on him like that was some type of joke,’ she told local station Fox 10. ‘It takes a special type of person to deal with special children and he is not that person,’ she added. ‘I just want him out of there.’ The school department refused to comment on the situation, but Hollinger is still thought to be working as a teacher. Nancy Pierce of the  Mobile County Public School system told Fox 10: ‘Because it’s a personnel matter, I can’t discuss that with you. ‘The appropriate measures were taken by our Human Resources Department.’

Parents are upset, huh?  So what?  Has anyone asked any of these tards what they think or how they feel?  I mean if the kids are having a blast in their rubber rooms with helmets on because their teacher is ‘one of them’ then I really don’t see the problem here.  Are you trying to say retards can’t be teachers? Seems like Jeremy’s lesson to his class is to embrace their mental shortcomings.  You want to eat crayons?  Crack open the Crayolas & pass me the periwinkle!  Gotta drop a deuce?  Bathrooms are overrated – just make sure you put your helmet on in case you tip over mid-squat.  Have no shame in your extra-chromosome game.

If you think about it, these parents are getting pissed at Mr. Hollinger for doing exactly what their child does…and I get it.  Can’t be easy raising a kid with such disabilities.  But it isn’t Jeremy’s fault.  So get off his case and let him lead the way in your children’s big ‘ol, retarded world.  Who gives a shit if you’re offended when your kid is happy?  Get over it – it ain’t about you.  I’m sure if these students could actually form sentences, he or she would tell you that they’re tired of having to be told what to do by ‘normal’ people.  A few hours a day relating to a fellow window-licker is probably a highlight.  Then they’d leave a crayon-sprinkled log on your shoe.

  1. Anonymous says:

    spoken like a person without children.

    • 610 says:

      Hey not only do I have a 6 year-old roommate, but I’ve also been a kid before too. I remember relating to “goo-goo ga-ga” a lot more than a dissertation on our current economic state as a nation. That’s all Jeremy’s doing here. Relating.

      I assume you have a retarded child?

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