Guy Kills Friend Who Saved Him From Bear They Were Hunting

Posted: September 26 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Helena IR]  A hunter attacked by a wounded grizzly in a Montana forest was killed not by the bear, but by a gunshot fired by a companion trying to save him, authorities said Friday. Lincoln County Sheriff Roby Bowe said an autopsy determined 39-year-old Steve Stevenson of Winnemucca, Nev., died of a single gunshot to the chest. The cause of death was determined by a medical examiner with the Montana State Crime Lab. The shot was fired by 20-year-old Ty Bell, also of Winnemucca, as he attempted to stop the bear’s attack. No charges are expected, Bowe said. The autopsy found bite marks on Stevenson’s leg caused by the bear. “We’re fairly convinced it was obviously an accident,” Bowe said. Bell and Stevenson were on a black bear hunting trip with two other people in a thickly forested region along the Montana-Idaho border when the attack occurred Sept. 16. The foursome had split into two-member teams, and early in the day Bell shot and wounded what he thought was a black bear, which are considered less aggressive than grizzly bears. Bell and Stevenson waited about 15 minutes until they thought the bear had died, then tracked the 400-pound grizzly into thick cover, according to Stevenson’s mother, Janet Price. When the bear turned on the men, Stevenson yelled at the animal to distract it and keep it from attacking Bell, Price told The Associated Press last week. When the animal instead went after Stevenson, Bell fired multiple shots trying to kill the animal, Bowe said. The bear also died. “Anytime you follow a wounded animal, but particularly a predator like a bear, you have to be very careful,” he said.

Hahahahaha.  Idiots.  No, I don’t hunt and no, I’m not one of those PETA freaks.  But it just seems like common sense to me that, if you’re gonna go out hunting a bear, you might lose.  Isn’t that part of the thrill?  If not, you might as well just use dynamite or maybe an aircraft assault with a couple of scuds into the forest.  I honestly don’t know why this is news.  Two dudes who clearly suck at hunting went out with guns to clip an unsuspecting bear & actually end up shooting one.  That kinda pissed Smokey off.  I think we can all relate to that.  If I got shot and was laying on the ground like “FUCK that hurts” when the guys who blasted me came walking over, I’d be trying to bite legs off too.  So while the bear’s going all bear on Steve Stevenson, Ty tries to help his friend by shooting it again.  Understandable.  But it’s also understandable that the bear didn’t want another bullet up his ass, so he pulled some Matrix-type shit to duck the lead and one found its way into Steve Squared’s rib cage before the grizzly finally dropped dead.  Nothing surprising or tragic about it in my eyes.  I mean anyone who knows anything knows that “anytime you follow a wounded animal, but particularly a predator like a bear, you have to be very careful” it doesn’t try to rip your head off & shove your shotgun up your starfish to stave off its execution.

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