Kindergartner Brings Crack Pipe To Show & Tell

Posted: September 21 @ 4:00pm by keystoned in Bolivian
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[KCTV5]  The task for the fresh-faced kindergartner students was to bring important family items for show and tell. But one kindergartner floored his teacher and local law enforcement officers when police say he pulled his mother’s crack pipe and an ounce of drugs from his backpack. The child’s mother was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment. Bond was set at $7,500 for 32-year-old Michelle Marie Cheatham. A family friend at Cheatham’s home told KCTV5 that the boy is now being cared for by loved ones. Sweet Springs Elementary School officials contacted police on Sept. 6 about 8:30 a.m. Superintendent Donna Wright told police that students had been asked to bring “pictures of their family for show and tell,” according to court documents. The teacher told police that the boy produced for his “show-and-tell” family items the pipe and “several baggies of crack rocks,” according to court records. The rocks tested positive for methamphetamine. Altogether, the drugs totaled about an ounce and were worth about $3,700, officials said Monday. A search warrant was executed at Cheatham’s home and a police dog named “Boomer” found a crack pipe, according to court records. Charges were filed Sept. 12. Police Chief Richard Downing told KCTV5 Monday that a child bringing drugs to show and tell was a first for his law enforcement career. The circumstances of the arrest also flabbergasted neighbors. A source close to the investigation said Cheatham’s life began spiraling out of control after her husband died earlier this year in a car crash and she received a sizeable military pension.

You know the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?” Well here it is folks, just gleaming in front of your faces, like a hot crack rock glowing in a piece of glass tube. I’m surprised that this kid couldn’t bring something a little more interesting, honestly. You go to an inner-city school and you bring in Mom’s crack pipe to show and tell? Big whoop, get in line buddy.  That’s probably as common as white kids driving their Dad’s “hand-me-down” 7-Series Beamer to school. I’m not impressed, I want to see a little more effort. Now, if Junior here stood up in front of the class and starting slinging rocks that he pulled out of his asshole, wrapped in a cheap condom, that’d be legit. But he probably ran around his triple decker, looking for something to bring in and saw this glass tube like, “that looks cool.” Obviously not cool enough bro, because now you’re charged with possession of paraphernalia and every other little snot-nosed shit is making fun of your junkie ass on the playground.

PS – I guess this means Black Dude left his man seed somewhere before he passed.

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