Sea Shepherds Want To Help Whales? Well You Can Start By Sucking My Dick

Posted: September 7 @ 4:00pm by Cracker in Bolivian
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[HuffPo]  It was with deep anguish that I received confirmation early Friday afternoon from Faroese police authorities that over 100 pilot whales have been brutally slaughtered in the town of Vestmanna in the Faroe Islands. These numbers have undoubtedly since risen as locals continued throughout the day to carve up these sentient and intelligent beings who violently lost their lives to bloodlust and greed in a cowardice act of cultural tradition referred to by locals as “grindadrap”. In Faroese, “grind” literally translates to pilot whale, while “drap” translates to “murder” thus representing the largest extermination of marine mammals in all of Europe — literally whale murder. Well, at least we can call a spade a spade here.

Can someone please tell me why whaling is so fucking wrong? I don’t get it…everyother species out there is fair game, but not whales, why? Ok, so once upon a time we over hunted the shit out of them and their numbers were way down…guess what? We stopped cold turkey and now those blow-holed motherfuckers are errywhere.  I get that we shouldn’t eat endangered species like pandas, but if something is plentiful and can feed a whole village for months, then I say go for it. Ever wonder why the Japaneese are willing to piss off every hippy in the world for some whaling? I bet that shit is delicious. Keep in mind these are the same peoples that invented kobe waygu fillet mignon (the most delicious version of the most delicious food in the world). 

Also, those self-righteous Sea Shepherd cunts really grind my gears. If you ask me, they are eco-terrorists. Just forcing the entire world to kowtow to their fucked up beliefs. You know what, go eat some animals because your malformed brain isn’t working right.

PS- Everytime I see that show Deadliest Catch, I think of how big of pussies we’ve become…”Oh you’re on a modern boat with navigation, radios, heaters, engines, a kitchen and shit, hunting tasty bugs off the sea floor? Fuck You! Dudes used to go out there in a tiny wood boats, paddle up to a fucking whale and take that some bitch down…then row that shit home (uphill both ways).

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