Dad Kicks Kid-Who-Just-Kicked-His-Son’s-Ass’s Ass

Posted: August 31 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[WESH]  A local father is in trouble after police said he set up a fight between his son and another boy, got involved himself and the whole thing was caught on video. Palm Bay police said 35-year-old Gary Johnson organized a fight involving his own son. Then, jumped in for his son, but took the fight to a new level of violence. Officers said the 16-year-old boy that Johnson fought with had just finishing brawling with Johnson’s son. Detectives said a witness to the fight caught the entire incident on video. Investigators said the video shows Johnson pushing the teenager and shouting, “You want to get knocked the (expletive) out by me boy?” The teen replies, “Yeah.” Police said the 6 foot 5 inch; 220-pound emergency room technician then went face-to-face with the teen and threw the first punch. Officers said the teen tried to defend himself but Johnson was able to knock the boy to the ground and hammer him in the face two times. In the video, a woman can be heard shouting at Johnson to let the boy go but Johnson then throws four more punches before kicking the teen in the jaw. Police said the woman then screams in the boy’s defense but the fight doesn’t end. The teen was able to get back on his feet but police said he was flattened by another punch before Johnson’s own son pulled him away. Shortly thereafter the teen gets back on his feet, bloodied and battered. Police said Johnson extends a handshake in the video but issues a final warning saying, “No one puts their hands on me. You know?” The father now faces several charges including aggravated battery, child abuse and lying to police. Officers said at first he claimed he never punched the teen once he was down on the ground. They said that video clearly proves otherwise.

Yeah I know 6’5″ Gary asked the kid straight up if he wanted to get knocked the fuck out and he said yes.  Seems like a verbal deal was struck before fist met face – but that doesn’t make it right.  Outside of the obvious size and age differences, this beating still should have never happened.  Fact of the matter is, dad didn’t want to kick this kid’s ass.  He just exploded.  I can’t imagine there’s much worse than realizing your son will forever be a complete & utter pussy after 16 years of toughening him up.  16 years of emasculating ridicule, open chest days around the house & mandatory push-ups for naught. Failure, personified by his son…but not his son’s failure.  His own.  What he really wanted to do was beat the shit out of himself a la Ed Norton for sucking as a father and raising a punching bag.  That would’ve made a pretty sweet video.  Unfortunately we’ll never get to see it because this asshole kid said yes and took the whipping instead.  Asshole.

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