Check Out This Calf With 2 Heads

Posted: August 31 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Oklahoma]   When Jimmy Robinson of Porum walked into his herd of cattle to count heads he was in for a shock. ‘Surprise, surprise, surprise,’ said Robinson, ‘it’s just hard to believe that it’s here.’ He found a live two-headed calf laying in his field. Robinson said the poly-cephalic bull calf was born to one of his older cows and has taken food when hand fed. Caden Robinson, Jimmy’s grandson, likes playing with the four-eyed calf. ‘It’s cool and I’ve never seen one in my life,’ said Caden.

Look at this fucking thing in action.  Is it dead?  I’m pretty sure it’s dead.  Those kids are moving it’s head like it’s Bernie on the weekend.  I think Jethro in the overalls should just tell the kids it’s dead.

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