Sean Avery Arrested For Battery On A Cop

Posted: August 5 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[LA Times]  New York Rangers and ex-Los Angeles Kings hockey star Sean Avery is in a downtown jail after being arrested early Friday morning, accused of battery on an LAPD officer, authorities said. Authorities responded about 1 a.m. to a neighbor’s complaint about loud music at Avery’s Hollywood Hills home, police said. Avery, 31, is alleged to have argued with officers before pushing one and slamming the door, said LAPD Officer Cleon Joseph. Following the confrontation, additional officers were called to the home and Avery eventually was taken into custody, he said. Avery is being held on suspicion of battery at an LAPD jail. The incident was first reported on TMZ. The hockey star, known for his confrontational style on the ice, went to anger-management training following a statement he made about a rival player before a December 2008 game. He was suspended by the NHL after he referred to a Calgary Flames player who was dating his ex-girlfriend as “falling in love with sloppy seconds.”

My buddy just told me about this.  The exact opposite of a hockey fan, he says, “I love how I can see the headline ‘New York Ranger Arrested’ and know exactly who it is.”  Me, Mr. Hockey, had no idea who it could be.  Duh.  Listen, Sean Avery’s “Heels & Handbags” bash or whatever was going on in his Hollywood Hills home doesn’t stop until he says it’s over.  Sorry Officer Cleon but there’s a shit-ton of models & coke up in this bitch and you don’t have an invite – if anyone’s breaking the law it’s you for trespassing.  Pretty sure Avery had the right to pull out the mini-9mm out of his Louis Vitton purse and shoot you or something, so count your lucky stars all you got was a nudge & a door to your grill.  He’s got sluts to nail so they can go on & date other NHLers.  The rest of the league is waiting…

– thanks Jim

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