Nathan Horton Goes To His Hometown Stanley Cup Parade Without The Stanley Cup

Posted: July 18 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[CBS]  Bruins winger Nathan Horton’s day with the Stanley Cup was cut a bit short on Sunday. Tammy Plante-Horton, Nathan Horton’s wife, mentioned on Twitter she was going to meet her husband in Buffalo, New York before his parade in Dunnville, Ontario, which was set to begin at around 11 a.m. As a result, his day with the cup was cut short. According to Horton’s wife, the Stanley Cup was “lost” at Boston’s Logan Airport on Sunday. “The Stanley Cup was actually never lost,” JetBlue spokesperson Sebastian White told WBZ-TV. “The person traveling with the Cup checked it in at 7:37am, for an 8:00am flight.” White added that the cutoff time for checked baggage is 30 minutes prior to departure to give the TSA time for screening. The cup arrived seven minutes past the cutoff point. “Due to the late check-in, the case didn’t make the flight and it was placed on the next flight to Buffalo,” said White. Dunnville, Ontario is a little more than a 60-minute drive from Buffalo, where the Cup arrived before 1 p.m., according to White. Horton’s wife also mentioned that the Bruin planned to take the cup to Toronto as well on Sunday. Horton arrived at his parade in Dunnville without the cup, according to the Toronto Star’s Kevin McGran. The cup eventually made its way to Horton by 2:30 p.m.

Good.  Fuck you dude.  Seriously, you’re a 26 year-old #3 overall pick and Stanley Cup champ married to a chick who flashed her landing strip for Playboy.  So sorry, Hortsey, but I’m pretty happy to see that something went wrong in the life you lead that I wish was mine.  Cashing millions while playing the greatest game on Earth & partaking in a month-long championship celebration knee-deep in booze or balls-deep in Playboy’s “College Girls” cover slut – I’m supposed to be doing that.  Not you.  You and your personal parade can suck my 9-to-5 dick.

Monday morning haterade from my office in full effect.

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