Naked Chick Packing Heat Storms Hotel Lobby

Posted: July 14 @ 4:00pm by keystoned in Bolivian
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[FindLaw]  The California town of Vacaville woke up to some strange news on Sunday morning when residents learned that Patricia Wright of nearby Fairfield had stormed a Super 8 Motel, taking control of its lobby for nearly 20 minutes. While such behavior isn’t completely out of the ordinary in California’s larger farming communities, Wright also happened to be naked and wielding a gun. Talk about seedy. Staying at the motel with a man, the Sacramento Bee reports that Patricia Wright entered the Super 8 lobby just after 2:40 a.m. Sunday morning, wearing no clothing and waving a gun. The front desk clerk called 911, and managed to talk Wright into surrendering about 20 minutes later. Upon arrest, she admitted that she had ingested marijuana, prescription medications, and ecstasy, notes The Reporter. Prosecutors have now charged Patricia Wright with brandishing a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm in public, and possession of a firearm with a removed serial number, according to the Bee. Because it’s obvious that pointing a loaded weapon at a motel clerk is illegal in the many states of the Union, let’s focus on the legal implications of firearms with missing serial numbers. Like in most states, in California it is against the law to change or remove a manufacturer’s name, model, or number from any firearm. It is also a misdemeanor to knowingly possess a firearm that has been altered in this way. So, at the very least, Patricia Wright is going to spend a few years behind bars, unless the prosecutor decides to take her drug-induced state into consideration.

I never thought they were true, but in this case, I am a full believer of the fear boner. If I was the clerk behind that counter, just getting rooms for horny couples at 2 am, and Patricia Wright here kicks open the front door wield a Glock 19 and two fun bags, I’d be harder in the face of danger than scrody watching good samaritans.  How can your life flash before your very eyes when you’ve got a chick spread eagle in your Motel 6 lobby, point a gun at everyone? Honestly, it’d be hard to focus on the fact that I could die at this very moment and the fact that this woman has no clothes on. She’s pacing around, waving a Colt .45 and shouting demands, and I’m just thinking in my head, “slow down a bit and turn to the left.” It’d only get embarrassing if she told me to get out from behind that counter, conveniently shielding my hard-on, and lay down with my hands behind my head. I’d probably just start laughing at her for that last demand and get popped in the dome. Oh well, at least it was good for the last 5 mins, because there’s nothing more sexy than a woman who’s all tensed up about something.

  1. scrody says:

    whered you get that pic of my girlfriend?

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