Talk About Having A Bad Day Huh?

Posted: July 13 @ 9:30am by Black Dude in Bolivian
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[CBS LA]  A woman has been arrested for cutting off her husband’s penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife, according to police in Garden Grove. Officers responding to a medical emergency call at 9 p.m. Monday in the 14000 block of Flower Avenue found the man in bed, bleeding from his groin area. The suspect, 48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker, had apparently used a drug in the victim’s food to make him sleepy before she attacked him, police said. She called 911 and told responding officers that her husband, whose name has not been released, “deserved it.” Officers say she then put the penis in the garbage disposal and turned on the appliance. The man was transported to UCI Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery and is in stable condition. Becker was arrested for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse. She was booked into the Orange County Jail. The couple is apparently going through a divorce.

Nothing “allegedly” about his penis getting cut off and ending up slap chopped by the Sham-Wow dude, I mean if you ask the guy without the dick.  It must suck not having a dick? Like how do you pleasure a chick?  Only so much you can do with a hurricane tongue, at some point she will need to get stuffed like a teddy bear, and don’t give me the BS about a dildo, that shit doesn’t fucking cum or squirt tasty goodness.  Proves my theory, women are only good for cooking breakfast, making babies/cleaning, and facials. I’m old school baby, barefoot and pregnant does just fine.  You didn’t hear about no cavemen getting their horse dicks cut off and shit. I was right, women shouldn’t have been giving the right to vote.

P.S When I read this , I fucking cringed, my dick still hurts, WTF

P.P.S. If guys don’t have a dick, like are you still attracted to chicks? I mean you cant get “hard”

  1. Cracker says:

    Did you just describe semen as, and I quote “tasty goodness”? Um, yeah moving on…

    PS. the folks at barstool are pretty sure you are jonnycapp, cracker included. If you are, I’ve got a pretty good blog idea that is sure to generate a couple thousand hits.

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