Nothing To See Here, Just Some Lady Washing Her Beav On The Subway With A Gallon Of Poland Spring

Posted: July 6 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[WPIX]  In this week’s crazy NYC subway video series, a woman, nude from the waist down, sets up a wash station on the blue bench of a subway car and proceeds to take a camping-style shower. With water and suds pooling on the subway car floor, the woman deliberately cleans herself in a 3-part YouTube video uploaded by a straphanger. It’s anyone’s guess what happens in the second and third videos, as they have been removed from YouTube for violating the policy on nudity or sexual content.

Watch the gap…stand clear of the sudsy flaps…  I don’t get the big deal.  No one’s ever seen a pantsless dime with a big behind?  Grow up, straphangers.  Hey it’s not like she’s breaking out power tools and jack-hammering her snizz.  Probably was out getting her clam stuffed and had to rinse the loads out before heading home to her husband.  So don’t hate the player, hate the game you wish you were a part of.  I guess anyone who’s never cheated on their chick and drove home with their pants down cleaning their cock off with an Armor All wipe would find this offensive.  The rest of normal adult civilization understands where this broad is at and applauds her thoroughness and dedication to keeping her marriage intact.  The only surprising thing about this clip is that there’s not some weirdo on his hands & knees lapping up the pussy suds off the subway floor.  Kinda makes me question if this was really a NYC train.

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