Yankees Would All Be Jason Bay If They Played At CitiField?

Posted: July 2 @ 1:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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Just thought this was interesting.  Check out the full story for individual comparisons.  No, it doesn’t explain why the Yankees win more than Los Mets.  They also gotta pitch & their opponents get to swing too.  What I’d like to see along with this is how many Mets fly outs would be HR in Yankee Stadium or how many  more dingers the Mets’ staff would be serving up if they played there.  It does bring credence to the thought that all ballparks should be built with the same dimensions, but every other team has the right to set their distances as short as they want as well.  Who’s a championship threat in a big stadium?  Yanks, BoSox, Phillies all play in a bandbox.  Oh, and chicks dig the long ball.  Big-park teams get no rings or pussy.  That’s just not good business.

  1. Goonan says:

    just like a Mets fan. Blame the Yankees for the Mets not building a better ballpark.

  2. Anonymous says:

    stop being so ornery on your blog

  3. keystoned says:

    You Yankee jerkins are the worst. Go drive a taxi or something, fucking bums.

  4. scrody says:

    When A-Rod hit that ball off the ridiculous wall in center on Friday, Michael Kay said that’s why Jason Bay and David Wright cry themselves to sleep at night. Who the fuck puts a 20 ft. wall dead center? First thing Mark Cuban should do when he buys the team is rip the whole thing out and start from scratch. Second of course is re-name the Jackie Robinson Rotunda after a player that actually put on a Mets uniform.

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