I Want To Fuck Brian Williams’ Daughter And Have A Reality Show

Posted: June 27 @ 12:30pm by Black Dude in Bolivian
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[Boston Herald] Move over, Brian Williams! The next member of the NBC newsman’s fam to hit TV is his Yale-educated daughter, Allison, who will star in “Girls,” an upcoming HBO series about 20-something gals living in Brooklyn during those awkward finding-yourself years after graduation.

“Yes, I’m reporting live from this phase of life,” Allison told the Track while making the red carpet scene at the Nantucket Film Festival. “But I think it’s going to be all right.”

The series was developed, produced and directed by Lena Dunham of “Tiny Furniture” fame. Dunham will also star in the show along with Jemima Kirke. Zosia Mamet, the acting progeny of playwright David Mamet who has appeared in “Parenthood” and “Mad Men,” rounds out the Girls.

She look pretty damn hot, but more impressive is telling all your boys you fucked Brian Williams’ daughter. She looks like she loves anal, doesn’t ever liberal chick do? Pretty cool she is going to have her own show on HBO, I wonder how the fuck I can get on it? if it’s reality TV they want, doesn’t get more real with real Black Dude.  Think about it, no one knows my real name or what I look like and most of you idiots don’t think I am black, only the few, the proud, the massholes know me.   Anyways, If I had my own show, it would be fucking epic TV, Grammy/Tony/Oscar/academy / BET award winning or whatever it is correct one is. They could show me in my cube commenting on different blogs and trying to view NFSW videos while I dodge doing as much work as I can. You can follow me around my house, looking in my empty fridge, watch me making myself laugh at the stupidest things, jerking off a few times to various Internet sites.  Watch me go to a local watering hole and try to score with slam pigs.  It would be simply magical, better than jersey shore i tell you.

P.S. nothing to fucking blog about sucks, why cant something funny happen so i can do some great one line blogs, so easy.

P.P.S – Title to my blog gets right to the point, no tricks

P.P.S I would put my email on this, but you fucking yahoo’s would sign me up for bullshit websites, but fuck it, its your lucky day, email me at  twocents@intobolivian.com

  1. DoucheBigalow says:

    God hates black dudes

  2. you're a fag says:

    You suck dude! You’re just an unoriginal shitty blogger who is trying to be like Prez.

  3. DoucheBigalow says:

    u really do suck

  4. Cracker says:

    Hey BlackDude, you ever go to UMass Brokton aka the Tiolet?

  5. rc33 says:

    Christ, now I can’t get that picture of anal-loving Ruth Bader Ginsberg out of my head.

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