Is It Still Considered Sexual Harassment If The Broad Is Coming On To The Dude?

Posted: June 23 @ 11:00am by scrody in Bolivian
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[HuffPo] According to the suit, Sheard started working at LensCrafters in 1998. In 2006, Brandt told him she wanted to have a relationship with him that was “more than platonic.” Sheard declined. From then on, Brandt would reference sex acts in front of Sheard, talk openly about his body, touch and grab his chest and backside and tell him she loved him and wanted to have sex with him, the suit claimed.

At a holiday party in 2008, Brandt allegedly tried to grab Sheard’s crotch several times, to the point where Sheard had to leave. After repeated rejections, Brandt eventually made a sexual harassment claim against Sheard, a charge she later admitted was false, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that LensCrafters management immediately investigated Brandt’s charge while ignoring Sheard’s.

Life hasn’t been easy for Sheard since his job at LensCrafters unraveled, according to the suit. The situation at work led to stress and anxiety problems, and after leaving the job he underwent psychiatric treatment and started taking medication for depression.

I know what you’re thinking. It shouldn’t even count as sexual harrassment if a women is grabbing a dudes junk. He’s probably sitting at his desk pretending to work while daydreaming about that exact scenario. So everyone wins, right? Wrong. That’s why you’re a moron working your dead-end job while I sit here writing for a blog where literally thousands tens of people are hanging on my every word (or at least taking a quick glance at them). Listen, men have feelings too. We have emotional needs every bit as much as chicks do and I, for one, do not appreciate being treated like some street whore. Just because I’m wearing revealing clothes doesn’t mean I’m “asking for it”. Did it ever cross your mind that I’m proud of my pasta pouch and that’s why I wear crop top tees? That is not an invitation to cup my nuggets. And just because I have a few too many cosmos at the company Christmas party, it does not mean I’m looking to make questionable decisions and knock boots in the coat room. I am a human being dammit and I demand to be treated like one.

No, I’m kidding of course. He should’ve nailed her.

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