Chicks Think Shaving Their Pussies Is Out Of Style

Posted: May 27 @ 11:00am by Black Dude in Bolivian

[Madamenoire]  After years of believing that we should be waxing, shaving and douching our vaginas to make them more pleasant and attractive, it appears many women are now buying into the fact that their vagina should also appear as untouched as they once originally were.  Many women are now taking a step beyond the title of “born again virgin” and seeking out invasive surgery so that they physically resemble an actual virgin.  “Hymenoplasty” or “Hymen Reconstruction Surgery” is surgical reconstruction of the hymen.  The hymen is a thin layer of mucous membrane that covers the vagina.  Although the hymen is usually broken during a woman’s first act of sexual intercourse, in actuality the hymen is so thin that it can be broken by a variety of activities including the insertion of items into the vagina such as tampons or even something as simple as riding a bike. Maybe it’s the feminist in me, but our vaginas are lovely and amazing, and have to bear the trauma of many lifetime events, with childbirth and lovemaking  being the best of them.  From those events comes beauty which has been occurring naturally since the beginning of time.  Maybe it’s best to love our love below exactly the way it is.

If you’re a chick and you don’t shave your pubic hair, have fun not getting your pussy licked by any living thing on God’s green earth.  Maybe Scrody would eat you out with a bush, married dudes will do just about anything.  If don’t shave your national park, logic dictates it cant be a treasure. I was trying to make a Parks and Recreation reference, but I have only watched like 3 episodes, so I hope I hit the mark, funny show.  Anyways, there could be only one of two reasons you don’t mow your Forrest,  1. you’re a fucking foreigner straight off the boat, or 2 you have a diseased pussy that looks a before picture from a proactive infomercial.  I mean. I guess if you’re a nasty butch dike that fucks other nasty butch dikes, that wouldn’t count. I am taking about chicks that are hot. Ugly chicks should just commit suicide, no man will ever love you.

P.S. Landing strips are awesome, you better believe I make airplane noises when I am going to eat some pussy

P.S. one of my boys sent me an email saying I shouldn’t write blogs, told him I don’t write blogs, I fucking create masterpieces

  1. dudebro says:

    More like master pieces of shit. Painfully terrible blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lmao @ Masterpieces…. I love chicks who brazilian wax. I love brazilian chicks period.

  3. TheReturnOfDooba!! says:

    BlackDude, there’s gotta be a reason you consider the guy a friend, right?
    Well, maybe you should listen to him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love you – but your blogs are often painful. I read them for the same reason I rubberneck at an accident on the highway, or laugh my ass off when chef Gordon Ramsay lambastes some poor schmuck on TV. It’s the spectacle of the thing that draws us in. That being said, carry on! Get me through the last couple hours…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    This shit awful

  5. Yourearetard says:

    How did you come to the conclusion that this article was about whether or not a bitch is shaving her bush? You’re an absolute retard!

  6. Yourearetard says:

    Seriously… You’re retarded

  7. worst blog i’ve ever read. my only hope is that you have a full time job somewhere else

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