Pick Your Play. . .Better Russian Goal

Posted: May 13 @ 3:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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Oh Datsyuk, you nasty!  The shorthanded tally from the World Championships was pretty sweet, but it was basically that dude chipping it ahead of 2 players and just smoking them in a foot race.  Ordinarily I would lean in that direction since that’s exactly what I do on skates, but Datsyuk’s backhand was retarded…just took a shit all over Bertuzzi’s backhand from Game 4.  Pavel all the way for me…

  1. Osgood says:

    Dude, Datsyuk is a god amongst hockey players. un fucking believable stuff on every shift, even if its just holding on to the puck in a scrum of 3 defenders. unreal.

    did you see the fin’s goal in the world championships today? sick. throw that one up there and we might have a debate, but datsyuk wins this battle every time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    those goals are highlights? average at best

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