Can’t Read? Well, Then. . . This Is Pointless.

Posted: May 11 @ 4:00pm by steveo in Bolivian
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Are you part of the 14% of adults that can’t read?  1 in 7 adults won’t be able to read what i just typed.  That is about 32 Million American adults who lack the ability to pick up a newspaper or log on to into BOLIVIAN and read what they are seeing.   Hell, I am not sure 610 can read and I know for a fact that scrody can’t.  Being the educator that I am, I think I have found a tool to help even the stupidest American adult learn his/her A, B, C’s:, 5/10/11– Updating childhood activities for an older audience isn’t always easy, unless you’re talking about dolls, in which case being easy is the very quality that makes them so great. For some twisted artistic takes on another hallmark of childhood, check out The Alphabet Series. From a BK designer/illustrator who’d been kicking around the idea of “taking kiddie games and making them adult” for the past five years, these prints feature “politically incorrect” takes on alphabet-learnin’ flash cards, which the artist thinks you should find funny “if you weren’t dropped as a baby” (though in that case, wouldn’t you find everything funny?). The ABCs of awesome include: 

Gg is for Gimp:…and also “Get”, as in “…me the f*** out of here!”
Mm is for Merkin:A pussycat with a wig, because a bearded clam would have been way too subtle.
Pp is for Peyote:This man-cactus dons a cowboy hat, clearly an attempt to project a more mescaline vibe.

Artist Mark MiGinnis’s show is up in NOHO and if you want to learn your A,B,C’s, well, I am sure the gallery will only charge you a little bit to see that Bb is for Blow, Dd is for Drive By, Jj is for Jah (or Black Jesus) and Tt is for Third Nipple. 
Do me a favor America, get literate so you can read this blog.

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