Inmate Breaks Out Of Prison After His Mom Gets Shot To Extract Revenge

Posted: May 3 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Daily Mail] A prisoner who escaped from jail to avenge the shooting of his mother shot four people including the father of the man suspected of injuring her, police said. Tamik Kirkland, 24, had been missing since Monday from MCI Shirley after putting a dummy in his bed to evade a head count and walking away from the state jail, prison officials said. Kirkland was eligible for parole next February and escaped from prison after learning that his mother was wounded in a double shooting last month. He allegedly shot dead Sheldon Innocent, 24, of Wilbraham, and left the 48-year-old unidentified barber in a critical condition on Saturday before shooting two officers. A law enforcement official anonymously told The Associated Press that the wounded barber is the father of the suspected gunman who injured Kirkland’s mother. Two plain-clothed police officers had a 911 tip and responded to a building where a running car was backed into a driveway, calling for backup. As police approached, they said a man dived into the trunk of the car, before officers blocked the vehicle and took a female driver into custody. When they opened the car boot, Kirkland popped out and opened fire on the officers, with two each shot once in the chest before they returned fire, police said. One of the injured officers was identified as 15-year veteran Raul Gonzalez, but another was not identified. The officers were wearing bulletproof vests. Police said the shootings occurred so quickly they did not realise until later that a six-month-old girl was in the back seat of the car, but she was not harmed. Kirkland was serving 2.5 to 4 years and was being held in the lowest-security section of the medium-security prison. A prison staff member has been put on paid leave and a preliminary investigation has taken place at the jail, a Department of Correction spokesman said. Department of Correction officials and local police said they did not know Kirkland was the son of the woman shot hours before he staged the escape on Saturday. Kirkland remains hospitalised in a stable condition.

Kudos to Tamik.  You shoot his mom a couple weeks before Mother’s Day, he escapes prison to dole out a slice of vengeance.  That’s how it should be.  I love my mom too.  One time I was out with a couple of buddies for some pitchers & wings when I ran into a couple of guys who worked with her.  What started as light barbs & jabs ended up turning into basically an admission from two of these dudes that they wanted to Eiffel Tower my creator.  Well, that’s where I draw the line.  Only people allowed to run a train on Mama 10 are my friends.  I’ve relentlessly & disgracefully, albeit verbally, tagged all my friends’ moms.  I’ve shit on their faces, donkey-elbowed them & shot my jizz all over family portraits in their bedrooms.  So I can’t exactly get pissed if one day a couple of them got together and posted a gang-bang in the MILF section of YouPorn starring my mother.

But as far as a couple of scumbags who work for her?  I don’t need to know every weekday from 9a-5p dudes are gawking at the milk sacks that fed me or exchanging fist-bumps & wisecracks about the beating they’d put on the birth canal from whence I came.  So although we left momentarily without incident, I convinced my pals to go back in and throw down at good old Hooters shouting “This is for you, Mom!!” with every punch.  I’m pretty sure the friends who fought with me did so only because they figured it’d get them to the front of the “Fuck 610’s Mom” line, but whatever.  They earned it. Anyway, sure, talking about jackhammering my mom and shooting her are slightly different – although apparently walking out of MCI Shirley jail and Hooters are about an equal degree of difficulty – but I’d have done the same thing in his velcro prison shoes.  So when you read this, mom, I hope you realize how much I love you and know that, if someone fucks you that’s not on my Facebook page or shoots you, I will be your Tamik Kirkland.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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