6 Year-Old Takes Roll Of Pennies, Family’s Van To Go Get Some Breakfast. He Didn’t Make It.

Posted: April 18 @ 3:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Oregon Live]  A six-year-old boy crashed his family’s car into several mailboxes before swerving into the eastbound lane of Bristol Avenue near Fargo Street where he crashed head-on into a pickup truck Sunday morning. Oregon State troopers and Klamath Falls emergency personnel received the call about the accident around 7:15 a.m. and arrived to see the boy in his mother’s 1996 Plymouth Voyager. The boy was alone in the van and told police he was hungry, took a roll of pennies from the home and was headed to go buy food. The driver of the 1992 Dodge Dakota pickup, Tammy J. Belau, 29, of Klamath Falls, received minor injuries. The boy’s name is not being released because of the ongoing investigation by OSP and the Klamath Falls Area Command office.

You self-sufficient little go-getter bastard.  What other 6 year-old do you know would wake up wanting breakfast and not annoy the fuck outta you?  “I don’t want cereal, waaaaaaahhhh “.  “I only wanted half a glass of orange juice, and I hate the stuff that floats in it, waaaaaaaaaahhhh “.  “I wanted to cut my own waffles, waaaaaaaaaahhhh “.  Fuck you, asshole.  Go feed yourself then, you ungrateful dwarf. And that’s exactly what happened here, except he skipped all the baby bullshit.  This runt just rolls out from under his Batman blanket, stretches, grabs his pennies & keys and hops in the Voyager to hit up the 99-cent breakfast menu at Micky D’s.  Barreling through mailbox after mailbox, tuned into Mike & Mike with his chubby Tyrannosaurus Rex arm dangling out the window not giving a fuck about anything but extra syrup for his McGriddle.  Most rugrats this age are selfish little pricks who choose not to do a thing for themselves, yet this boy wonder let his parents sleep on a Sunday morning.  He was probably gonna round up some grub for the whole house.  Leave it to a female driver to hit the poor little guy head-on and ruin his entire family’s morning.  Learn how to drive, Tammy.

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