Thoughtful Thief Sends Victim Flowers But Woman Not Impressed

Posted: April 11 @ 11:00am by scrody in Bolivian

[Daily News] A cold-hearted thief in Rhode Island has a message for the woman he scammed: Thanks for the loot!

Stephanie Marisca, from Narragansett, R.I., said she received a thank you note and a bouquet of flowers a few weeks after Bank of America alerted her that someone had charged nearly $2,500 to her credit card, Boston’s WHDH television reported.

The handwritten note read: “thnx for ur money.”

The victim said she was horrified and insulted.

“Someone had the nerve to steal someone’s card and then say ‘Thank you?'” a bewildered Marisca asked the station.

Cops said they were working to track down the thief, who used the woman’s card for the online shopping spree.

The bank said it had closed the account and wouldn’t hold Marsica responsible for the charges.

Still, the mocking gesture stung.

“Sending the flowers, rubbing it in her face, I think that’s horrible,” a neighbor said.

So typical of a broad to find a reason to complain about a man trying to do something nice for her. Hey toots, weren’t you just complaining that nobody buys you flowers? And that you never get a card with a thoughtful message on it? Well now you got just that and you’re going to cry about it just because he had to do a little extra research and find some of your personal information? The way I see it, he really went the extra mile and deserves a little more credit. It’s so hard to please a chick these days. Hey Stephanie, did you have to pay a dime for the culprit’s shopping spree? And did you not get a lovely bouquet of flowers? This is a victimless crime. I can only hope that someone swipes my credit card and sends me a thank you gift. If there are any credit card thieves out there, my Master Card number is 4238 2243 5428 0098 and I could really use a BluRay player.

  1. 610 says:

    He “deserves a little more credit”??? Aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha

    (That credit card number is bogus, asshole)

  2. Calamity says:

    lol, this is the town I currently reside in. Mostly temporary college kids in this area, and all the real residents are a bunch of bitches who call the cops on dumb shit like rolling through stop signs and litter in their own yards. Place sucks.

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