Grown Man Plays Dress Up With His Collection of 240 Sex Dolls That He Payed 160k For

Posted: April 5 @ 11:00am by scrody in Bolivian
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[AOL News] Some people might think a 60-year-old mechanic is too old to play with dolls, but try telling that to British mechanic Bob Gibbins. Gibbins loves dolls, especially “love dolls,” the life-size anatomically correct kind. In fact, he has more than 240 love dolls, mannequins and even blow-up dolls stuffed in the small house he shares in Manley, Herefordshire, with his wife, Lizzie, 55. According to Barcroft Media, Gibbins, a father of two, started his collection 10 years ago when he purchased a mannequin. “I like the way she looked,” he said. “She caught my interest, but I wasn’t satisfied.” Wanting something more realistic, Gibbins discovered “love dolls,” on the Internet and decided to purchase “Beverley,” a “love doll,” in 2007 with the help of his wife for around $4,000 U.S. That opened the door to other silicon sweeties — nearly one a week — with some, like “Jessica,” costing as much as $11,202. “I also have a lot of blow-up dolls, which are cheaper,” he said. “They vary between [$48 U.S.] and [$639 U.S.] for the best ones.” What does Gibbins do with them? Well, he loves having afternoon tea with his dolls, posing them up for photo shoots and taking them for a drive in the country. There’s also one, “Dolly,” that has been modified for dancing, thanks to rolling shoes he installed on her feet. But while many of his dolls are built for sex, Gibbins insists that’s one thing he’s never done with the dolls. “I’ve never been interested in them that way,” he said.

You spent $11,202 and you’re not interested in them that way? Give me a break. I know guys that won’t spend $40 on a bar tab without the possibility of getting laid. It’s been scientifically proven that men think about sex more than 100% of the time. You mean to tell me that you have over 240 dime pieces laying around your house and you’ve never wanted to chalk your cue stick with one? Any normal guy would be elbow deep in silicon wobbly h’s and plastic bunga bunga parties like my man Berlusconi. And by any normal guy I mean me. If that were my house, I’d be doing things that would make Charlie Sheen jealous. You don’t know what Winning is until you’ve given a little ‘how’s your father’ to a pile of $160,000 worth of rubber vixens. Not Bob though.

It’s pretty clear Bob here has got zero game. He’s probably just been chatting them up, bringing them tea, taking them for drives in the country and playing the all around good guy. Before he knows it he’s smack in the middle of the friend zone. His buddies are coming over non-stop like his house has a revolving door and they’re tagging Bob’s dummies right under his nose. Meanwhile, Bob is just there to listen to their problems and be a shoulder to cry on. That’s why he has so many of these dolls. He just hasn’t been able to seal the deal yet and once you end up in the friend zone, there’s no getting out. I respect him for keeping at it though. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again… and again… and again (x240).
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