Girl With Defected Legs Starts A Game For Her School Basketball Team Before Having Her Leg Amputated

Posted: March 24 @ 12:30pm by scrody in Bolivian


For Alyssia Crook — who will soon undergo surgery to remove her leg — getting a chance to recently start, steal and score on her school basketball team was an ultimate wish fulfilled.

Crook, who goes to Baldwin Middle School in western Michigan, was born with defects to her legs, reports the Grand Rapids Press. When her parents adopted her from a Russian orphanage at five years old, she walked on the balls of her feet.

After years of surgeries and trips to the specialists, doctors recently told her parents they either had to shorten her legs or amputate the more severely affected one.

This is a heartwarming story and all, but it’s pretty obvious why this girl got cut from the basketball team. Calm down, it has nothing to do with her legs. Look at her just hurl those shots toward the basket. It’s a totally awkward shooting motion. If she plans on having any future in wheelchair basketball, she’s going to have to work on her jump shot – or wheel shot, whatever. I remember in elemenary school we had a gym teacher named Big Mac. No idea what his real name was but he was a towering, balding, bearded Mic. He taught us how to play basketball and talked about his glory days on the court, throwing down alleyoops and what have you. Some kids started asking if he could dunk and he told us he used to be able to but now he has a bad back so he can’t. Well fifth graders don’t know what it means to have a bad back so we started egging him on. “Big Mac, Big Mac, Big Mac”. He kept trying to rationalize with us but we just started chanting louder and louder “Big Mac, Big Mac”, until he finally got so mad that his face turned red and he said “FINE”. Well, that poor old bastard went up for the dunk, got stuffed by the rim, landed all cockeyed and was hobbling around for a week. It’s in the top 25 of my childhood memories, I’m seriously giggling to myself as I type it out. What does that have to do with wheelchair basketball? Not a damn thing. But another thing I remember Big Mac saying is that you should hold the ball like a waiter holding a tray of food over his shoulder when you’re shooting. Thats about the extent of my basketball knowledge right there but I think its enough to help Alyssia here take her game to the next level.


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