Broad Drives Her Car Into The Drink, Tries To Blame it on Target

Posted: November 28 @ 12:30pm by scrody in Bolivian
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[HP] A 36-year-old Target employee drove her car into a 20-foot deep canal after working the night shift on Black Friday. Florida police said the woman lost control of her vehicle due to exhaustion, reports Miami New Times. The woman is unable to swim, but managed to call police from her cell phone and explain the situation as she and the car began to sink, notes NBC Miami. Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy Frank Mayo dove into the canal to save the unidentified woman, reports The Palm Beach Post. “Our thoughts are with the team member and her family for a speedy recovery,” Jessica Carlson, a Target spokeswoman told the Palm Beach Post. The car accident comes after a slew of retailers, including Target, made the decision to open at 12 a.m. on November 25 to accomodate Black Friday shoppers. This required employees to arrive at 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving to prepare the store for an influx of shoppers. Target said the decision to open earlier on Black Friday was popular with both employees and customers. But at least one Target employee wasn’t enthusiastic. Anthony Hardwick started up a petition on asking for reasonable working hours over Thanksgiving, reports The New York Times. Though Target never changed its opening hours, the petition went viral and received over 100,000 comments from across the country.

One 12 hour shift and this Target worker is turning her car into a submarine? 12 hours isn’t even that long of a shift. There are plenty of professions where that’s the norm. If working four hours of overtime impaired your driving that much, every fire truck on the road would be a potential shit-wrecker on wheels. Nope, can’t be exhaustion that caused this plunge. What else could it possibly be? Oh, I know…

…she’s a woman. At first I thought this story was going to be about that tool who started an online petition so he didn’t have to work Black Friday. I just assumed he was trying make a scene since Target decided it likes money better than Thanksgiving dinner. But then I got a few words in and saw “he” was a “she” and my whole perspective changed. This broad would have sunk her car no matter what she was coming from or how much sleep she had. She could have been coming back from the spa, completely relaxed and refreshed and she still would have been skipper of her personal u-boat at the end of the day. Why? Because that’s just how chicks drive. Nothing to do with being tired. Not to mention, she lives in Florida but doesn’t know how to swim? Good thing she didn’t fall of her raft on the way to Miami.

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    Let’s see what HelloHannahCho has to say about this…

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