Is Writing A Song Called “Broomstick Rider” About Your Ex A Hint You Dismembered Her?

Posted: July 29 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[ABC]  More information is surfacing in the murder case of Laura Ackerson. ABC11 Eyewitness was given a song that sources say was written by Ackerson’s ex-boyfriend, Grant Hayes. Hayes, who also is the father of Ackerson’s two children, is charged with her murder. The song, which was never released, contains lyrics about killing his “babies’ momma.” In more than a dozen videos posted online, Hayes is seen singing about love, but sources say there’s another song that most people who know Hayes haven’t heard until now. The song is called “Broomstick Rider” and ABC11 learned Hayes wrote the song about Ackerson. The song is about the couple’s troubled relationship. The following lines are from the chorus. “My babies momma, don’t talk to me. Don’t want your drama. I got two kids by you; I can’t take anymore from you.” The song continues with lyrics about their custody battle. “I would wake up every morning hoping one of us would go, but not me ’cause I’m paying the bills. Find another Sugar Daddy and a wallet with bills ’cause I know that you will when you finish trying to take my kids (unintelligible) that’s how you is…” The song also seems to include a warning for the young mother. “And then she wants me to pay her. You’ve lost your da– mind. I put a price tag on your head. That’s right. You must have told your attorney I got intentions on killing you. What? (unintelligible) Might stop me, but my bullets will get you soon. I’ve got my goons from way back. They still owe me money, told them you stayed at my mom’s crib. Now ain’t that funny?” Authorities believe Hayes killed Ackerson, dismembered her body and disposed of her remains in Texas. His wife, Amanda, also is charged in connection with the crime. Amanda recently gave birth to the couple’s first child together.

Baby mama…baby mama drama…

Listen I’m not saying Grant did or didn’t dismember his baby mama’s body and dispose of her remains in Texas.  What I am saying is that this song sucks.  It’s not exactly “Bitch, I’ma kill you…” – I mean it doesn’t even make sense.  Dude make up your mind.  Are YOUR bullets gonna get her, or are you gonna have those roughnecks from back in the day do the deed for you because they’re still in your debt?  And what makes you think your boys would hook you up anyway?  They still owe you money for a reason – and that reason is you’re a pussy.  No one’s worried about a Todd Bridges lookalike wielding an acoustic Gibson.  They’re never paying & are certainly not killing for you.  If they would, why would you send them to your mom’s house?  That’s fucked up.  Shittiest, most nonsensical threat song ever.  If I’m gonna pen a tune about killing my broad, it’d probably go something like this:  

mic check…1…, baby…610 up in this piece…now check it…

You know I hate peas so why the fuck they on my plate?
Your black eyes say I told you twice but 3 strikes sealed your fate
Don’t try to ask why, just know it’s time to say goodbye
Sorry you midget bitch but now you gotta fuckin’ die
Nothing to it, just gotta figure out how I want to do it
Scott Petersen did the deed right, but then he fuckin’ blew it
I’ll dice you into dog food, serve your pieces up like Alpo
If the fuzz got any questions then 610’s gotta bounce, yo records…shout out to Scrody, Key & my nigga BlackDude…blog hard homies…uh…

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