Check Out Grandma & Her Boyfriend Who Brawled After Her Grandkid Was Strutting Around With A 9mm Handgun

Posted: July 20 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[Houston]  A disturbance that began after a 3-year-old child picked up a gun ended with the arrest of the child’s grandmother and a man. Law enforcement officers were called to a home at 26042 Midline Road in the Splendora area around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, July 17. When Deputy Chapa arrived, he found 47-year-old Dennis Eugene Hollifield, who reportedly directed him to a dresser containing a loaded 9 mm handgun that was the subject of the argument. According to the report, the dresser also contained methamphetamine, multiple hypodermic needles and a scale typical of those associated with narcotics. A misdemeanor amount of marijuana was located in the same room and Deputy Chapa found a loaded shotgun leaning against a living room wall. Carolyn Garrison, 44, was found in the backyard. “Garrison said she and Hollifield were arguing because he left the loaded 9 mm handgun on a nightstand and Garrison’s 3-year-old granddaughter picked up the gun and was walking around the house with it. According to Garrison, she became irate and confronted Hollifield, and their argument became physical, which Hollifield admitted. He also admitted leaving the loaded handgun on the nightstand, where Garrison’s granddaughter easily retrieved it,” the report goes on to say. By the time deputies arrived, the child was no longer in the residence, having been taken by her mother. Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden called the case “very disturbing.”

Yes, Constable “Rowdy”…very disturbing, indeed.  Disturbing in the fact that a 3 year-old is apparently already pre-conditioned trash.  I don’t know a shitload about kids, but I do have a 6 year-old roommate and I’m pretty sure that, if she saw a piece lying on the counter 3 years ago, she wouldn’t have picked it up and walked around the joint like Dirty Harry.  Still, just because this kid sucks doesn’t mean grandma couldn’t have used it as a teaching moment.  Seems like the perfect time to school a snot-nose about the dangers of weapons – kinda like how normal people do with knives or scissors.  Considering the house is filled with meth, needles and artillery it was only a matter of time before this toddler got her germy mitts on something dangerous.  Skirting the issue with your granddaughter & getting all pissy with a tweaked-out Holyfield Hollifield instead will always get you a shiner in return – and deservedly so. But based on his mug shot this dude was high as fuck and quite frankly I’m surprised he didn’t eat you, let alone repeat himself and darken your other eye.  Because anyone who knows anything knows what you tell a woman with two black eyes.

  1. Cracker says:

    Wait, you have a 6 year old roommate? That’s odd, how much rent do you charge her?

    I imagine that would make for an awkward conversation if you brought some strange home at night…”That noise, oh it’s just my roommate. Yeah, she’s watching Dora at 4am, because that’s when it’s on…Hey we’re all out of cranberry, but i got some juicy juice to mix with that vodka.”

    What do you call a chick with one black eye?
    …A cyclops nigga

    • 610 says:

      Yeah man. Bitch has 2 rooms too. She doesn’t pay rent but I do wrap her in dust rags and slide her all around the hardwood to clean the floors. That’s kinda worth it…for as long as she thinks that’s normal and doesn’t tell another adult.

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