Remember That Guy With Cerebral Palsy That Couldn’t Drive For Shit? Well His Friend Tim Is Not Happy With Me At All.

Posted: June 22 @ 9:30am by scrody in Bolivian
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I just wanted to call your attention to a pretty great battle going on in the comments section of a post from a couple of weeks ago. As I’m sure you remember, I wrote about a guy who had Cerebral Palsy and ran over a dog, got pulled over by the cops and failed the field sobriety tests. Since it ends up he wasn’t drunk, just acting like a drunk, he feels entitled to millions of dollars. Ends up, Garry has a friend who is not a fan of my particular writing style. Honestly, I’m tickled pink. I feel like you haven’t really made it as an inappropriate blogger until you have a group of people that are so offended by what you’ve written that they go on a two day comment battle just to make it clear how much of an asshole you are. Well, it seems my particular nemesis is going to be Cerebral Palsy.

For those of you that don’t feel like sifting through all the comments, here are some of my favorite parts of the debate:

I’ve known Garry for years and he drives better than most sober people. His condition does not impair his ability to drive AT ALL. He is slow and cautious. This is a man that goes to his wife’s gravesite every day ( and I do mean every day). He wrote a gospel song about her and you can often drive by the cemetery and see him sitting on the grown next to her gravesite singing the song to her. You will not find a better christian man anywhere.

Also, that stupid picture has nothing to do with this article. Thats not his truck. Your just trying to make it look like he was speeding recklessly and flipped it into a fence.

I must agree with the guy (Tim), your a total idiot. All anybody needs to do is read some of your articles to see that. Also, my 10 year-old son could build a better website. Horrible! (this one was actually from another guy, Bob. But it was pretty spectacular)

HAHAHAHA!!!!! You rock Bob. This idiot just admitted he used a WordPress template. He couldn’t even work up an original design. He just proved your point. We need to buy him a “complete idiots guide for website design” book. (***Spoiler Alert*** We don’t do web design. This is all a template. A free one at that.)

I must agree with Bob. WordPress is weak…and the color scheme and layout is horrible.

Summary: horrible website, false articles, ignorant writers. Thats the simple truth. You know it, we know it, end of story and end of comments from me.

[Again, read the original post followed by the epic comment battle here]

So, yeah. Tim really tore me a new one. But being the stand-up guy that I am, I offered up a peace treaty. So far, Tim seems to be on board. The conditions are:

1. Tim has to admit that our blog is hysterical and our web design is flawless (even though it’s not even our design)

2. I have to allow Tim to re-write the Garry Palmer story, title and all.

3. Tim has to make sure that said story is humorous (this is still a humor blog after all). I’d suggest taking a poke at the law enforcement officials as well as continuing to rip us apart, but that’s just my opinion.

4. I have to admit that Garry was wronged and deserves to win a settlement.

So, there you have it. Tim, I’ll be anxiously awaiting your blog, which you can send to Hell, I’m sure people will like your post more than they like BlackDude’s. As a sign of goodwill, I’ll hold up the first part of my bargain. You brought up some really solid points in your last comment. Honestly, had you just explained it like that in the first place, I may have just moved on. Luckily for us though you didn’t, and we were provided with two days worth of commenting entertainment. Anyway, you and your buddy Garry seem like decent guys and cops can be power hungry pricks sometimes. Garry deserves to win a bajillion dollars and I hope we can do a follow up story about his settlement soon. Maybe he’d be interested in purchasing an up and coming sports/satire/humor blog? Just throwing that out there.

Ok, you’re up Tim.


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