19 Year-Old Murderer Wins Inaugural Miss Jail, Brazil

Posted: April 6 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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(This clip is from Miss Jail, Colombia – close enough.  Pic of Brazil finalists at the bottom.)

AOLIn a country known for its beauty — both natural and human — it appears that even Brazil’s convicted killers are easy on the eye.  A prison in Recife, a city in the state of Pernambuco, recently held its inaugural Miss Jail pageant to join a growing global list of contests for beauties behind bars.  “It’s flattering that people think I am pretty,” said the winner of Miss Jail 2011, 19-year-old convicted murderer Rebecca Rhaysa Suelen Guedesin. “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment,” added Guedesin, who maintains her innocence even though she is serving a life sentence for her crime.  “I am just focused on getting out of here. I never killed anyone, so I hope to return to normal life one day soon.”  Twelve contestants were judged for beauty, general knowledge and their good behavior record. First prize included about $1,000 in cash to be deposited in the winner’s prison bank account.  “It was a real thrill to be cheered by the inmates and the guards,” Guedesin said after her win. “Sadly the dress has to go now and it’s back to prison routine.”  According to Brazil’s Justice Ministry, 40 percent of female inmates are in prison for drug trafficking and 21 percent for theft.  Miss Jail is the latest in a growing trend. Prison beauty pageants have also been held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Russia, Colombia and Lithuania.  The winner of Miss Spring, held in an all-women’s Siberian jail known as UF 91/9, was awarded early release if she won that contest.  Contestants in the Miss Captivity pageant, held in a Lithuanian jail, were required to take part in swimsuit parades and model designer dresses and wedding gowns.  The Miss Prisoner contest in Rio de Janeiro’s Talavera Bruce jail is part of an effort by the jail’s administration to reinvent its notorious prison system.  “They used to have riots, but now we don’t have more than isolated problems,” said guard Andrea Carvalho.

There she iiiiiiiiiisss…Miss “Despite My Life Sentence I Really Didn’t Kill Anyonnnnne”.  This makes absolutely zero sense.  First of all, is this really a target you want to put on your back in the clink?  My buddies doing hard time always tell me the same thing.  “Yo 610, if you ever get pinched for those bodies you left in burlap sacks all over Long Island, the key to survival is to blend in & not draw attention to yourself.”  Meanwhile, Rebecca here is parading around the cell block with a fucking tiara. Hey enjoy those lesbo beat-downs!  Hope you like fat prison guard hands all over you, princess.  What’s really weird here is why a hot chick would ever be imprisoned in the first place.  Hey brown sugar tits, you’re a 10 – that means you never have to do anything for yourself for a solid 12-20 year stretch of your life.  That span sure as shit includes 19.  You couldn’t have some guy kill for you?  No dice on blowing your way out of the charges?  Sometimes hot is wasted on the undeserving.

Anyone else think the little latina on the left got robbed (winner is second from left)?  Scrody likes the dude to the winner’s right.  No surprise.

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